3D Drawing Lessons

Theres only one thing more gratifying than being part of a 3D printing project, and this teaches others how to become involved with the additive manufacturing game. Some weeks ago, the Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker launched its ambitious 3D printing Pioneer Program through which school teachers and university staff can share useful tips and resources for bring 3D printing into the class room, but Thingiverse, MakerBots huge 3D printable file hub, has a fair amount of educational content of its own. MakerBot Learning, the educational division of the 3D printing company, has sifted throughout the database to identify the best STEAM 3D printing lesson plans submitted by Thingiverse users.

The various lessons, from which we've selected 15, include step-by step instructions, pictures, 3D design files, activity sheets, and more. A few of the lessons are targeted at high school students, while others are more appropriate for younger learners. 3D printing lesson .1: GO-GO AirBoat's - Thingiverse user Macakcats GO-GO AirBoat lesson plan combines mathematics, physics, and electronics. When assembling the 3D printable AirBoat, students will discover how payloads affect a ships buoyancy, speed, and stability. They may do that by loading the 3D printed in 3D with one cent coins until it's at max capacity, whereupon a depth sensor will alert the young crew that the boat is ready to set sail.

In addition to giving students hands-on experience of 3D printing, the project also helps children learn about resistors, capacitors, diodes, LED's, DC motors, bipolar junction transistors, Darlington pair transistors, phototransistors as triggers, circuit board layout, and soldering. 3D printing lesson .2: Bicycle Bubble Machine - This fun project from Thingiverse user heinzdrei shows keen makers how you can turn their every day, run-of the mill bicycle into a majestic vessel that would not look out of place in The Little Mermaid. The wind driven bicycle bubble machine attaches to a standard bike luggage rack, and requires only 3D printed components, wood, screws, and a handful of other parts.

The creator of the 3D printing project warns that it may get messy, but isn't that part of the fun? 3D printing lesson .3: Educational Brake Caliper - Presented by Thingiverse user Chriswh86, this fun project teaches high school or middle school students how to 3D print and assemble a racing style brake caliper with quick release brake pads and dual pistons. The project comes along with 3D printable STL files, as well as additional documentation and a quiz.

In addition, the printed caliper fits on a shelf or desk as a display item. Since the start of my obsession with 3D printing and computer aided design, Motorsports has been on my mind, Chris explained. The Educational Brake Caliper is my first Motorsports related design to be released to the public. 3D printing lesson .4: Density and Buoyancy Investigations - Thingiverse user mshcotts 3D printing lesson shows students how objects of different shapes and densities float according to Archimedes Principle.